Meet our musicians!


This page will be a rolling log of some of the ‘soft’ outcomes from this project as even though the project has only been running a week, we have already seen an impact!

FSM: Students eligible for Free School Meals
SEND: Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
LA: Low Attendance
O: Other

Stats so far:

18 students involved in total

  • 10 Free School Meals
  • 5 SEND
  • 2 Low attenders
  • 1 risk of exclusion
  • Referrals for students to take part in this project have come from Heads of Year (HoY), SEN team and Behaviour/Inclusion Managers.
  • Only one HoY has got on board with referrals so far. He has phoned parents, given me lists of names and emailed form tutors for suggestions. Interestingly, he is a musician keen to learn to play guitar.
  • The SEN team have agreed that any student they have referred can come to them after their lesson to practice with them. These students will have a set lesson time that remains the same each week.


Student 1 Y9 FSM: Year 9. Disruptive across much of the school (although not in music). Lacks confidence but keen to sing. On meeting instrumental teacher: “Hi I’m the naughty one”. Referred by B/I

Student 2 Y9: Friend of student 1, attending together. Suggested by HoY due to friendship issues. So excited at the thought of being given a keyboard to use at home. After lesson 1 in class heard to say “Oy, Chloe look I can play the piano”!

Student 3 Y9 FSM: Referred by form tutor as struggling day to day with organisation and a dip in attendance.

Student 4 Y8: Referred by Hoy due to general issues across the school. Requested singing and songwriting and excited to be starting!

Student 5 Y8: Paired with student 4 as in the same year. Referred by HoY after asking for songwriting lessons.

Student 6: A 6th form guitarist and drummer taking AS Music who has always wanted to try cello. He has 3 trial lessons booked and has already started attending the orchestra to see if he can join soon!

Student 7  Y7 FSM, O: Referred through B/I due to contact with a sibling. Can’t believe they are being lent an instrument

Student 8 Y8: FSM,LA O: Referred through B/I. A deeply troubled student, on being told about the lessons came to collect a letter about the department tour to Italy and later was back playing the piano. We have never seen them in the department outside lessons before! Feedback from behaviour support: Called home as child off school and parent “can’t thank the school enough”. Child heard playing in the background!!

Student 9 Y9 SEND: referred by SEND team, this student has multiple difficulties and has found mainstream school to be a challenge.
“x was told yesterday that she is having lessons with and that the SEN department have agreed that she will have a whole hour of extra music: 20 mins lesson then the remainder of that time with them to practice. In her music lesson later that day she smiled for the whole lesson for the very first time and wouldn’t leave until she had finished every last bit of her work making her late for her next lesson!!” Update to SLT
“The teacher held her hand out to shake x’s hand so she shook it, then gave the teacher a big hug!!!” From teacher in room during first lesson
“x thoroughly enjoyed her keyboard session Thursday too. I think her only problem was she would have liked it to be longer!!” Feedback from SEN team
Message from the instrumental teacher “It seemed to go really well what lovely students you have! I can’t wait to work with them more”

Student 10 Y9 FSM, Other: referred by HoY. This student has many issues at home. Has previously struggled to stay on task in class. Enjoys singing.

Student 11 Y9 SEN: referred by SEN team. Parent initially requested a lunchtime of break time lesson but with the extra support they will be getting from the SEN team has agreed to trial this until half term. Student will miss RE.

Student 12 Y10 FSM, O: Referred by B/I this student is having some major issues at home. Last year they started instrumental lessons through the FSM remission system but they didn’t attend. On being told about the lessons they left beaming and announced to the deputy head “I’m going to learn the drums sir!”

Student 13 Y8 SEN: Referred by SEN team, some concerns over behaviour and engagement with this student. Tried bass guitar in classroom last year, keen to do more. Came early to classroom music lesson at break to have a go at bass before the lesson. Has been around the department at lunchtime and break every day this week even though has yet to have a lesson!

Student 14 Y10 FSM, LA, SEN: This student has complex issues. they are having lessons in addition to external support and are being supported by the SEND team.

BAND Y9: Looking at how inclusion could be more than just a single student accessing this project, the band project will look at how intervention with a group can have a positive impact on relationships within a class and how this could spill over into other lessons apart from music.

Band 1: 4 boys.
Student 1: FSM, Lacks confidence in music. Doesn’t want to try. “I hate music miss”
Student 2: FSM, SEN: Lack of confidence = poor behaviour in group work in music lessons. Frequently messing about in group time.
Student 3: Keen drummer. Prefers sport to music.
Student 3: Tries hard in music but isn;t sure it’s for him.
HoY: “I saw 4 lads leaving the music department beaming from ear to ear today! I think they must have been part of your project?”
Teacher has already produced some resources for these students to continue the work in their classroom music lesson.


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